Our Mission.

With more than two decades of traveling up rivers, crossing snow-capped mountains and visiting small, remote villages, HFC understands that a combination of philanthropy and capital investment is the way to address the global challenges of health, education and poverty facing the developing world.

Charity alone cannot solve these problems; donations, while invaluable, act only as a temporary band-aid.

So what's the answer?

As with anything, you only get out, what you put in, so its time to invest. What if we put the resources in the hands of local homegrown organizations? After all they have their finger on the pulse of issues facing their communities and are in the trenches everyday.

Obviously giving funding to charitable organizations isn't a new idea.

However, we thought, WHAT IF we help those same charitable organizations create small, economy boosting businesses that sell their products to the larger population, pay for and fund their own programs, expand their charitable reach, employ the community and ULTIMATELY release them from the dependency on foreign aid?

What if we put the resources in the hands of local homegrown organizations?

What we do.

Most, if not all organizations we spoke with already had ideas of ways to become self-sustainable and some with sophisticated business plans but when the average income is $2 a day, using essential donations to SEED a new business venture is impossible.

This is where we come in.

Humanity for Change seeks to partner with charitable organizations to invest IN THEM and fund the creation of sustainable - and scalable - profit-generating small business to subsidize their programs.

Many humanitarian organizations are on the front lines of dire crisis facing their countries and communities and barely staying afloat. By investing in their survival and continuance, we are encouraging independence while facilitating systemic change at the deepest source of the problem.

With your help, we'll fund the development of their business idea and support them through every step and milestone until they reach and realize their dream of self sustainability.

"It's time to stop thinking of aid as only charity for the impoverished but INSTEAD as an opportunity to invest in empowerment and independence... and change will follow!"

Anthony Fiorin