“Be the change that you want to see in the world."

-Mahatma Gandhi

Humanity for Change in action.

HFC has participated in numerous projects on three continents and ten nations. Some through our own creation but most in the support of passionate organizations seeking to exact change in the World. Take a browse through our current projects below and see where you can join us to make an impact.

Operation Teensavers 2020 - Masaka, Uganda

Solid Africa - Gemura Kitchen Project - Kigali, Rwanda

Make a Difference!

With nearly half of humanity in dire need of basic sanitation, access to clean water, facing extreme poverty and famine, we made it our mission to contribute to the complete and total eradication of these entirely preventable Global Challenges. Please join us in taking a stand and making a difference.

Live for a Change.

Past Projects

HFC in its early years took part in numerous projects around the globe. Check out our legacy and see how HFC formed the way it is today.