Teensavers School & Orphanage Sustainability Project

The Teensavers Project

In the Winter of 2016 Humanity for Change had the privilege of providing clothing to the children of Teensavers School and Orphanage in Masaka, Uganda. Through our LOST & FOUND PROJECT, we were able to temporarily help with clothing, food and school supplies yet we knew this would not be enough, and we wanted to figure out a way to offer them a more permanent solution. The tiny school with four classrooms is located near a lush green mango field on the outskirts of town. The children take a break daily from their class studies in the morning to hump for dirty water which they mix with maize flour for sustenance. More than 200 children are fed, clothed, taught and loved by a small, devoted group of six individuals. Though like many charitable organizations they are drastically in need of resources and like many philanthropic organizations their funding is inconsistent to the point of nothing. This is where we come in. We have been tasked with finding a suitable piece of land for Tennsavers which we can build classrooms, dormitories, plumbing, a clean water source and an infirmary using local contractors. A portion of the land will be devoted to growing crops which will be used to feed the children and the other half to sell at market to provide books, supplies, medicine, clothing and salaries. Help us make Teensavers self-sustainable and a model for change in Masaka, Uganda. See images of the children in our gallery below and under the LOST & FOUND PROJECT page. Stay tuned for our short film on Teensavers School & Orphanage.

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Location: Uganda

Capital: Kampala

Coordinates: 1°N 32°E

Population: 37,873,253

Funds raised: $1,200.00

Status: On-going


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