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The Mission of Solid Africa

HUMANITY FOR CHANGE and SOLID AFRICA are teaming up to create a self-sustainable catering business for Solid Africa to fund its mission of providing organic and nourishing daily meals to more than 3000 hospital patients a day whose medical coverage does not include food. This issue is a countrywide systemic problem in one of the fastest growing countries in central East Africa.

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SOLID AFRICA has made it their mission to solve this systemic problem and Humanity for Change is standing by them to help raise funds, build awareness and produce impactful media to share their story globally. Food should not be a dream for anyone, it's a right. Imagine going to the hospital to get healthy but instead starving because the system wasn't designed to make you better? With your help, SOLID AFRICA will realize its dream of self-sustainability, feed thousands of people and become a model for independence from inconsistent revenue streams and foreign aid. ​Updates will be provided as we reach funding milestones to begin this ground breaking endeavor in Kigali, Rwanda. For more information on SOLID AFRICA and the Gemura Kitchen Project, see below. Stay tuned for our short film on the project.​

Additional info

Location: Rwanda

Capital: Kingali

Coordinates: 1°N 32°E

Population: 37,873,253

Funds raised: $1,200.00

Status: On-going


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