Water Catcher


The Water Catcher

In the Winter of 2016 Humanity for Change visited Teensavers School & orphanage. Only a few hours after our arrival to deliver clothing, food and school supplies through our Lost & Found project we journeyed down to a putrid pond where water had collected from a dirty pipe. We gathered that this was the only water source in the area and with the draught that had occurred that year water was scarce. The only option to provide water to the school was through this murky pond. After speaking with the director of the school, we asked if there was a better temporary solution that would not make the children sick. Behold our temporary solution which now due to the draught ending supplies water for the school. Though a modest win this is still not an adequate solution but one that we intend to remedy in our sustainability project. See video and images of the children taking two hours out of their school day to carry 40lb jerry cans loaded with dirty water back to school for themselves and children as young as five years old to consume.

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Location: Uganda

Capital: Kampala

Coordinates: 1°N 32°E

Population: 37,873,253

Funds raised: $1,200.00

Status: Completed

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